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Diagnosis and treatment in the TCM

The Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis system is fundamental to carry out a precise and suitable treatment for each case.

The first step is to have the complete Clinical Record of the patient.

The second step is to carry out the following diagnosis methods:

  1. Visual inspection
  2. Auscultation and olfaction
  3. Interrogation
  4. Palpation of Pulse and Abdomen

The third step is to analyze the etiology and state of the Zang-Fu: The Ying-Yang relationship; the Five-Elements Theory; the Eight Ba Gua Principles; the Theory of the Qi Meridians or Channels

  • We check the Qi state, Blood (Xue) and Body Fluids.

The fourth step is to identify the Syndromes according to the Six Stages, the Four Levels and the Three Heaters.

From there, we may start the treatment.

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