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Yin Yang: Two Poles inside a System

Alexis Yorkis Trincado Frutos. MD. M.Sc.

Based on the TAO'S philosophy, and also known with the name of theory of the opposed poles the Yin and the Yang they have been used by science men's thousands in the humanity's history.

In the medicine one of the pioneers was Empedocles of Agrigento, and at the same time Pitágoras who was medical besides mathematician, this last one spoke of the existence of the same ones as fundamental base for the transformation of the nature, included inside her the man and their manifestations. It constitutes this way, this theory, the maximum expression of the primitive dialectical materialism of the man of the antiquity.

If the concepts of the Yin and the Yang express an energy duality as the two poles of an imam it is also important to point out that they possess an indissoluble unit translated by the interdependence principle that locks in their basic concept the TAO like philosophy.

In all the phenomena of the universe they show the principles yin yang like maximum expression of the general theory of the systems where the vision relativist of the phenomena teaches us that the concept completely is in dependence of the point where the observer is and that each system has a dual behavior constituting an everything for the components of if same and a part of the system for the group of the one which the he/she is being part or simply for the universe.

If we take like basic principle that the human body is extremely complex from all its points of view, that is to say, in the energy thing, the anatomical thing, the physiologic thing, the pathological thing and until as for therapeutic answer he/she refers, we would also have to evaluate that its balance (homeostasis) it is achieved fundamentally due to the constant oppositions that so much the system endocrine, nervous, immunologic etc. they are able to settle down inside him.

These oppositions are evident in the external thing (yang) E.g. Contraction processes and relaxation, hypertension and hypotension, rubicund and paleness etc. but they constitute a constant expression of all the changes that you/they happen inside our organism (yin).

Seen we would be speaking this way then of the autonomous nervous system where the constant exacerbations and inhibitions that happen to level of the sympathetic and   parasympathetic   systems that we know as all are indispensable for the involuntary control of our body and that they exercise some functions at circulatory, digestive system, genitourinari, for alone to mention some, is fundamental for the regulation of the system and the achievement of the balance that would show like an expression of stability.

The vasoconstriction and vasodilatación are the product of discharges of multiple substances at different levels inside the organism and at the same time of the ionic exchange in the bombs Na/K and Ca/Mg whose opposed result assisting to the entrance or exit from them to level of the membranes translates opposed goods and that they have manifestation so much in the flat musculature as having grooved.

The Taoism at cellular level would show then in a dual way with a completely opposed translation for each phenomenon assisting to the ionic changes. The entrance of calcium and the exit of magnesium in the system will be translated by important changes of contraction.

Then the entrance of magnesium and the exit calcium in the system would be manifested by important relaxation changes.

In our organism everything would constantly be showing like a fight of contrary that should be taken in bill in all physiologic phenomenons as sample of the balance, but also in the pathological thing to determine an appropriate therapy.

The ATP and the GMP, the sodium and the potassium, the magnesium and the calcium, the inhibition mechanisms and excitement, contraction and relaxation constitute this way an exact manifestation of the polarity yin yang. Opposed and indissolubly stable polarity in constant but beneficial fight to maintain the health.

"The health is the maximum exponent of the relative balance of the forces. The alone death happens when yin and yang separate."

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Alexis Yorkis Trincado Frutos. MD. M.Sc.

Graduated in Human Medicine (1994). Master in Sciences in Bioenergetics and Naturalistic Medicine (1997). Specialist in Integral General Medicine (2000). Professor of Bioenergetics Medicine and Investigator of the Ability of Medical Sciences Celia Sánchez Manduley (Bayamo branch). Member of the Academic committee of the Mastership in Bioenergetics and Naturalistic Medicine. Member of the Cuban Society of Bioenergetics and Naturalistic Medicine. Member of the Cuban Society of Family Medicine.

e-mail: alexistrincado@yahoo.es