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Cupping technique


(xi bei fa, xi tong fa)

To apply various methods to drain air in the cup to form the negative pressure and to make it closely absorb on the body surface, so as to treat disease.

To cause local congestion or stagnant blood through absorbing it can play a role in promoting blood circulation, promoting Qi flow, relieving pain and subsiding swelling.

In clinic is also divided into fire cupping technique. It is used for treating cough, pneumonia, asthma, headache, pains in the chest and hipochondrium, wind-damp blockage and pain, sprains, lumbago stomachache and furuncle.

There are cupping techniques by fire, by air or by water. It depends on the element which the doctor used to drain air into the cup.

The cup-pushed technique, it's a kind of cupping technique. After the cup absorbs the skin, move the cup by pushing and pulling it to enlarge the area to be selected. While applying it, first paint lubricant things such as almond oil, Vaseline, etc. on the opening of the cup or the therapeutic location. After making the cup absorb the skin, for a while, hold the body of the cup with the hand and push and pull, segment by segment till local redness occurs.

It is frequently used at the back and waist, suitable for rheumatic pain and gastrointestinal disorders, etc.

Dra. Cecilia Y. Cáceres