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Characteristics of Qigong acupressure therapy

The Qigong acupressure is a therapy which employs varied massage techniques to transmit the thermic energy coming fromconcentrated qi to the meridians, the joints, the nerves and the blood vessels spread over the body surface.
This treatment makes it possible to living the neuronal and humoral functions to normal condition, and restore balance between bodily Yin and Yang so that the desired healing can be achieved.

The Qigong accupressure is a medical application of Qigong and martial arts (Gong Fu) practised in ancient China. The Qigong accupressure therapy uses the same techniques of digital pressure, ticking, fastening (or control) and kicking, used by martial arts practisers in self defence or to attack their enemies. Cleverly the Qigong accupressure has transfered this knowledge to the therapeutic scope.
At present, this Qigong accupressure practice is widely extended in chinese hospitals, and people have given it and excellent reception, thanks to its effectiveness, its simple techniques and the absence of side effects.
Its large valuable lot of experience and knowledge about its healing properties is the result of long years of clinical practice and treatment of thousands of patiens.

Qigong accupressure and the 3 yin-yang symbols

The 3 ying-yang symbols represent the concept used in old dialectic chinese philosophy in order to explain objetively the universe phenomena, events and nature, these are entities which are marked by its constant and dinamic transformation, and keeping balance between opposites.

As it is pointed out in the graph, the symbol on the top, an entirely yang cicle, represents the sky; the symbol at the bottom, an entirely yin circle represents the earth, and the central circle (half yin and half yang) represents the human being.
In accupressure Qigong therapy, the superior, inferior and central circles correspond to superior, inferior and central Dantian respectively of the human body. The Qi used in accupressure Qigong therapy is activated and modulates in these 3 Dantian points, and is then transferred to the hands.

Dra. Cecilia Y. Cáceres