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Rub those toxins off!

This is a very simple exercise to do while in the shower.

1) Get a good sponge, or else any device to scrub your body..

2) Soap up your sponge with a neutral soap. Scrub your body with a circular, ascending soft movement. Start with your feet and move up to neck, face and ears. Don't leave out any part of your body.

< b>3) Rinse off the soap with cool water. (cooler than the one you showered).

4) If your skin is very dry, after towel drying, moisturize your skin with an aloe vera body lotion.

This habit will allow:

to liberate pores from the toxins your body eliminates.
• increase the blood flow, which enables a better general circulation and oxigenation. 
• eliminate toxins the body gets from being in polluted environments.
• stimulate body areas that are rarely touched for example: the soles of your feet, the back of your legs, the hips, the sides of your body, neck, ears, etc.
• through rubbing, the tactile skin receptors are integrated in the cortex to create a conscioussness of the body in space.

These are only some aspects to keep in mind. Let's include this very simple habit to our everyday life. In this way we'll help the body and it will, in a very short time, feel the benefits.

Dra. Cecilia Y. Cáceres