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The sight

The oriental sight

In the TCM. The eyes are related to the liver meridian.
The eyes are the windows of the liver and the essence of the Zang-Fu organs.

When there is a damage or a disbalance in these organs due to excess or deficiency of energy which damages the QI of the liver, oftalmologic symptoms may arise, such as myopia, glaucoma, poor vision and others.

For example, in glaucoma (illness mainly caused by an increase in intraocular tension in the eyes, provoking disturbance in visual field), at the begining this illness is related to the liver meridian producing ascending fire and wind attacking the eyes.

Sometimes it is due to an hiperactivity of yang owing to a natural deficiency deriving from fatigue and consumption of the essence.

In myopia the weakness of the heart is due to deficiency of Yang and abundance of Yin. This causes an error in refraction as the parallel rays are focussed in front of the retina.

This could also be due to the elongation of the ocular globe, to congenital factors or to ill habits when reading or working with poor light.

Acupuncture in vision pathologies

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are different methods to approach the ocular problems.
Proffesor Walter Dominguez, headmaster of the School for Oriental Techniques, uses the method described below, in pathologies such as cataract, glaucoma, presbyopia, myopia, astigmatism, retinopathy, maculopathy, strabismus, neuritis due to multiple sclerosis, keratocono, diabetes retinopathy.


Filiform needles and electrostimulation are used in the following points:
SJ 1 - BL 2 - GB 14 - EXHN 3 (yintang) - LI 20 - LI 4 - GB 37 -

Microsystems are also incorporated:

- Scalp Acupuncture: optic area.
Tui-Na: vision area, liver area.
Ear Acupuncture: Shen Menn, CNS, Eyes I and Eyes II. If the patient shows signs of fire element, drain liver and gallblader.
Hand Acupuncture: magnets are used to nourish or drain the wood element in the corresponding areas always through the Five-Element Theory.

This method strengthens the optic nerve especially using electrostimulation.
In TCM, a deep diagnosis allows us to make clear the ethiology of the illness and to restore the balance of the energy.

Dra. Cecilia Y. Cáceres