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The sight

Watch the eye

The human being perceives the surrounding reality through sensations which impact in the brain cortex. These are originated in sensorial receptors, which are a group of specific cells which have the capacity of detecting different aspects and characteristics of the environment of the individual and transform them in nervous impulses.
The nervous impulses travel through certain nerves up to the central nervous system, and finally arrive at the brain cortex which interprets them.
The sensorial organs are structures specifically conditioned to receive the sensorial receptors .
The sight gives a complete and detailed information of the surrounding of the individual.
The functioning of the eye is easy to understand if we compare it to a camera:
The sclera or external ledger of the ocular globe would be the equivalent to the chasis.
The iris regulates the opening of the pupil and therefore the amplitude of the luminc band, which impacts on the retina. It acts in the same way as the diaphragm.
The crystaline-transparent lens which is able to modify its own shape in order to achieve the convergence of the luminic rays in the retina; has the function of the objetive.
The camera in the rear area of the ocular globe, occupied by the vitreous humor, can be compared with the dark camera, and the retina which is the internal ledger estimulated by the luminic rays, would be the sensible film.

Limpid glance- exercises

MantenerTo maintain a good health, also includes taking care of our eyes, as in many cases these bear aggressions of the environment such as stress, exhaustion, smog, poor illumination when reading or working for long hours fixing our eyes on the computer screen, in many cases causing poor sight.
Simple exercises strengthen the eyes and develop sharp sight, increase the flow of energy and remove the blockade.
In a short time we will be able to reach simple exercises and also incorporate a space in “the inner vision”, the silence and the perception exterior-interior.
When finishing the movements keep your eyes closed for a while. 
Feel life through your own breathing.

1) Rub the palms of your hands with each other until you feel that they become warm.
2) Sweep your forehead, your eyes and your face with smooth movements of your hands.
3) Massage gently the following points shown in the figure below. If your hands get tired, rub your palms again until you feel they get warm, then continue with the exercise as above.

4) Move your eyes. First with your eyes closed and then with your eyes open. You can practise these exercises once a day or everytime you feel your eyes are tired.

Dra. Cecilia Y. Cáceres