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The energy cyclic wheel

For ages, the big civilizations that left footprints valid until now, symbolically represented the allegory of birth, the transformation and death of the permanent cycles present in Nature through the images of the circle, the wheel and the spiral.
In the Chinese philosophy, according to the Five-Elements Theory (see article in “El Soñario”, September 2011), the seasonal cycles and the Ying-Yang are fundamental for the existence of every living being.
The Nei King is considered the oldest medicine book of mankind and was written during the times of the legendary Yellow Emperor, Huang Ti, whose reign is placed in the third millennium BC. This book outlines -among other aspects- the way of following and preserving the natural wheel that the Cycles propose.
By observation and practice, mankind in harmony with the Universe feeds health and cultivates longevity through principles in agreement with the season of the year.
Therefore, we find the following thoughts in these ancient writings:

The wise men feed the Yang in Spring and Summer and
feed the Ying in Autumn and Winter
to act upon the origins, the roots (of Qi).



Things start to grow and expand in Spring. (Fa Chen)

Spring has the will to grow and once things have grown, it has the will not to destroy them.

The Tao of the Spring is to nourish what is born.


In Summer things become flowery and beautiful.

They recall an expansion, Fan Xiu.

The Sky and Earth energies start to interact with each other.

It starts the YIN growth and the YANG decrease.

Everything blooms and is full of fruits. Getting up early, enjoying the sunlight, not having the will to get angry so that things can reach their plenitude beautifully and the energy goes out through perspiration. As a lover of the external world…

…this is the way of nourishing life in reply to Summer.

Let the internal breath exteriorize.

The Summer Tao is to cultivate birth.

The Fire element is the basis of the YANG Creation. It doesn't have a shape. It is present in all the manifestations of the Qi.



Without EARTH no thing can be created.

Without EARTH, WOOD cannot grow.

Without EARTH, FIRE cannot blaze.

Without EARTH, METAL cannot be created.

Without EARTH, WATER cannot be stored.

The energy of Earth creates the clouds. The energy of Sky creates rain. This disperses the energy of the Earth and, in turn, the clouds disperse the energy of the Sky.



Autumn is the period when everything gets shaped.

The energy of the sky starts to flow quickly and the energy of EARTH starts to change its color.

It is advisable to go to bed early and get up early, keep a peaceful will in order to diminish the Autumn exhausting effects. Refrain from being moved with the external things in order to clean the energy of the lungs.

This is the way to nourish life in reply to the Autumn energy. The corresponding Tao is to take care of the harvest.
The Chi transforms itself, it changes. If there isn't Chi in METAL, hardness or rigidity cannot exist.
The Chi of METAL gives hardness to the shapes. Such as the exoskeleton of insects or the skin as a coating.


Water is the origin and source of everything.

Winter is the period when everything is “closed and stored”.

Water freezes and Earth cracks. So that the Yang remains lethargic, not to be bothered.

It is advisable to go to bed early and get up late to wait for sunrise so that our will remains inactive (…) in a similar way as somebody with secret intentions or somebody who has already satisfied all his wishes.

Winter energy is related to will and the ability to adapt.

The Winter’s Tao means that we have to live “confined”. (Accumulate the essence)

From microcosm to macrocosm, from that which is born to that which dies and then is born again.
Nature of everything goes round and round… and goes round again in the endless spiral of Life.
And in this way, the cyclic wheel of time finds us at this point of the Universe, in this precise moment, in a continuous expansion, eager to understand the unfathomable mysteries of existence.

Dr. Cecilia Y. Cáceres