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A simple exercise:

A 5 minute body stretching and foot movement

Sleeping entails a long period of inactivity where circulation slows down causing a build- up of toxins in the organism which results in morning stiffness among other symptoms.

It is characteristic of the ageing to have a poor circulation and cold feet, some even say the process of getting old starts at the feet. So let's try this little preventive routine.

Before you get out of bed, stretch out; in this way we help the body eliminate toxins and restore a good circulation in muscles and tissues. This will also help us wake up faster.

In Nature we can find a good example of this. The first thing cats do as they wake up is to stretch. They only follow a natural law which we may also do towards a healthier life.

So, when you wake up and before you jump out of bed try stretching out your arms, your legs, your back and feet. No matter which style or form you choose, just stretch out freely. Then rest for a moment.

Next step is to move your toes, feeling them. Move your big toes back and forth several times (12 approximately). This stimulates the nervous endings, getting a reflex response in all of your body.

After this, move all of your toes for about 12 times and then gently rotate your ankles. 

Concentrate on the movements you do so it also helps you focus your mind just like when you meditate. You will notice a change in your breathing rhythm, and you will benefit from it.

You'll see how much pleasure this simple exercise can give you.

Dra. Cecilia Y. Cáceres